Horizon 2020

In 2016 Ms. Plentz was appointed by the European Commission to the High Level Group of Experts to review the impact of Horizon 2020, the £80 Billion Framework Programme to fund Research and Innovation in the EU, that runs from 2014 to 2020, and to provide recommendations for the forthcoming program Horizon Europe, that starts in 2021.

With WTO Director General Pascal Lamy

Bio (short)

Ms. Plentz is a tech and international affairs news producer. She is currently covering technology and policy at the UN for The Shift, http://www.theshift.info, a data-driven news platform from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

She started covering tech as a news producer and editor for Bloomberg TV in New York. She was an international affairs broadcast news and web producer at the UN Headquarters in New York, and was correspondent for Radio France International, in Geneva, covering the UN, WIPO, WTO, WHO, FAO, UNICEF, UNESCO, and the OHCHR.

As an international affairs news producer and editor she produced and presented the UN official daily news bulletins and weekly features, audience reach of 30 million+ a week through partner stations, including BBC World.  She covered SARS, the bombing of the UN offices in Baghdad, all international conferences hosted by the UN, Security Council meetings, and the General Assembly, at the United Nations Headquarters, in New York.

She wrote and produced daily news and weekly features on all UN specialized agencies including the UN Refugees agency, OHCHR, FAO, ILO, WHO, WFP, UNDP,  and UNICEF, covering their annual reports, and their humanitarian and policy-making work.

Ms. Plentz managed government relations, international teams of news producers, and sound engineers to deliver news content and daily website updates of UN Radio.

She also led strategic communications for the first e-Government company that raised $60 million in the US from private equity firm KKR, and other Silicon Valley investors.  She continues to advise tech startups, enterprise software trade bodies, and is a mentor and member of the selection committee at the Boston tech accelerator and investment fund MassChallenge, for its programs in the US, Spain, Switzerland, UK, and Mexico.

Bio (long)

In October of 2016 Ms. Plentz Fagundes was appointed by the European Commission to the High Level Group of Experts to review the impact of Horizon 2020, the £80 Billion Framework Programme to fund Research and Innovation in the EU, from 2014 to 2020.

As a correspondent for Radio France International, at the WTO in Geneva, Switzerland, she covered intellectual property, the TRIPS negotiations, and the global enterprise software industry.

She interviewed high-level government and UN officials, and members of the diplomatic corps for the daily news broadcast – including Brazilian Ministers of Science and Technology and Brazil’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Celso Lafer, Brazilian Ambassadors to the UN in New York and Geneva, high-level advisors to the UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, advisors to the WTO Director General Pascal Lamy at the World Trade Organisation, Roberto Blois, Director General of the International Telecommunications Union, the deputy-director of the World Intellectual Property Organisation, in Geneva, to name a few of the thought leaders she had the pleasure and privilege of debating the pressing issues of the day.

Ms. Plentz produced thousands of hours of news programs on health and science, information technology, finance for development, EU and UN funds for the digital economy, and policies to support digital inclusion.  In the health policy sphere, she covered the ratification of international treaties by the World Health Organisation, including the Framework Programme for Tobacco Control, cyber-security treaties by the INTERPOL, and consultations at the World Intellectual Property Organisation for the daily broadcast from the UN in New York.

She wrote about Bluetooth technology, enterprise software, Google, Amazon, and Pets.com as a news producer for Bloomberg TV in New York City, during the dotcom boom in 2000, analysing public perception of security and privacy issues.

She is a speaker and moderator on a broad range of issues related to IoT, security, and privacy.  As international affairs news producer at the United Nations News and Media Division she also covered innovation, IoT, wearable technologies and their potential for transforming the health and fashion industries.

For the UN daily broadcast, she interviewed high-level UN officials, experts in humanitarian affairs, and sources in governments and the diplomatic corps.  Her weekly features and daily programs were used by hundreds of client stations and news sites worldwide, including the BBC and Radio France International, reaching an estimated combined audience of 30 million a week through partner stations in Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America.

She operated in complex political environments, delivering coverage of the UN Security Council ministerial-level meetings, the World Summit on Sustainable Development and more than 500 conferences and consultations a year, hosted under the auspices of the UN in NYC.

Her news coverage distribution meant amplification of messages and factual information in the international news media worth more than $5 million in earned media in major market news publications, per fiscal quarter, for the United Nations and its specialised agencies.

She also covered start-ups, the NASDAQ, the wine industry, and new media companies’ IPOs as a news producer at Bloomberg TV.  For the UN in Europe she managed media relations and the relationship with news editors from CNN, Economist, and The Guardian.

She led multi-disciplinary teams of reporters, web developers, UI engineers, UX designers, social media content producers, and video editors to deliver worldwide the daily broadcast news, features, and the daily news updates for the website.

In 2007/2008 for two research universities in the US she implemented communications strategies to promote research in nanotechnology, IoT, wearables, and biomedical engineering generating earned media coverage worth $1.5 million in the Wall Street Journal and CNBC. 

Ms. Plentz is a mentor for early-stage tech companies with global ambitions and is a member of the selection committee for the American accelerator and investment fund MassChallenge for its start-up programs in US, Spain, Switzerland, and Mexico.

Since 2000 she reports on policies that create a favourable environment for tech entrepreneurship, tech start-ups finance, venture capital, social and angel investing.

For the e-gov start-up that raised $60 million USD, she managed and implemented media relations for Latin America, delivering more than $1 million worth of earned media, in major Latin American news publications.

At QS University Rankings in London, she coordinated media relations campaigns in Latin America for the worldwide launches of QS BRICs University Rankings, QS Asian University Rankings and QS Latin American University Rankings. She oversaw content development for the web, drafting, copy-editing, translation, production and distribution of press material and social content to 35 countries.

She directly arranged 30 plus interviews for QS analysts with senior editors in a two-week period delivering maximum impact for their flagship reports and QS brand, obtaining in-depth pieces of coverage by major news publications in Latin America and Southeast Asia, including: The Wall Street Journal Asia, The Economist, Bloomberg News worth more than £2 million in earned media for the period.


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