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Proposal 001/2013           

Strategic Communications 

Prepared by Maya Plentz


Situation Analysis 

ideiasnet has finalized a major restructuring of its operations in 2012, streamlining its portfolio to strengthen its market position in Brazil. Now it seeks to enhance its communications strategy, through multiplatform channels, to reach existing and new stakeholders. 

Based on its 4T2012 results, and media content analysis, a strategic and tactical approach will be designed to communicate to the markets, in Brazil and abroad, ideiasnet new goals and its increased range of operation, through its newly acquired capacity for managing a class of funds.

ideiasnet is poised for accelerated growth within the next three years, as signaled by interest from the international capital markets, through a recent investment by Paul Capital, which acquired an 18% stake on ideiasnet. 

A new competitive landscape is emerging in Brazil, with the government proactively asserting itself through new finance mechanisms, and significant R&D investments, to stimulate innovation and scalability in the technology sector, which pose a different set of challenges and opportunities for VC firms. ideiasnet can benefit greatly from this new landscape.

Despite relative uncertainty in the capital markets here and abroad, according to new research by students of the MIT Sloan School of Management that analyzed Brazil’s current venture capital ecosystem and constructed forward-looking scenarios, Brazil still is as a very attractive market for foreign capital. ideiasnet can communicate its achievements of the last two quarters more proactively to attract foreign capital, as well as to consolidate its market position.

Strategic Goals and Tactics

The renewed mission of the communications and institutional relations department of ideiasnet requires a multi-stage approach. However, given the nature of the flow of communication between its internal and external clients these stages will naturally overlap, the proposal here presented serves as a blueprint that will be adjusted accordingly, as the implementation takes place over 2T2013 and 3T2013. 

We suggest an internal audit of ideiasnet website and a benchmarking of its competitors’ sites in terms of its external communication strategy and information architecture, i.e. Google analytics, SEO, etc.  This evaluation is to be conducted over a period of four weeks maximum, with a short list of recommendations to be adopted, that will be implemented by consultant once it receives management approval. 

This will take place in parallel with the day-to-day activities of conducting research and gathering information about ideiasnet portfolio of investments to feed the social media platforms that will be part of its strategy to reach out to potential investors, fund managers, M&A professionals, and sector analysts. 

To keep ideiasnet highly visible in the markets, through the Brazilian and international business and finance news media, we will devise an action plan to produce content, i.e.: social press releases, videos and audios of ideiasnetmanagement and/or CEOs, CFOs, COOs of companies invested. We will seek to gain positive coverage through alignment with the communications strategies of invested companies. 

The material produced will be uploaded on the site and distributed through a newswire service such as Businesswire or Marketwire. We will also evaluate the contracting of a social and news media monitoring and measurement service, such as Cision or Carma, in the 3T2013, once the output of content produced increases and the level of engagement on social platforms requires.

In this light, we will segment and identify new and current stakeholders for the development of communications material and press releases, and to map out management participation in events. 

To delineate the tactical approach suggested above, in the 2T/3T2013 we will:

  1.  Analyze and evaluate ideiasnet digital presence. Prepare budget.
  2.  Evaluate pre-existing engagement level in social media and brand perception.
  3.  Oversee and manage production of content for social media and website.
  4.  Enhance internal communications with invested companies to align voices in the market.
  5.  Support and organize IR events and press conferences.
  6.  Manage booking of interviews with financial news media for management.
  7.  Reach out to local and international news media online, print editors, and broadcast producers daily. Reach out to sector analysts, fund managers, family office managers, M&A professionals, entrepreneurs, investors of LPs, influencers, government and regulatory bodies (BNDES, MCTI, etc.) through phone calls, face-to-face meetings.
  8.  Monitor and measure results of communications strategies and ROI. Oversee budget.
  9.  Support management and ideiasnet strategic long-term goals using multichannel communications platforms for higher and deeper engagement level with all stakeholders.
  10.   Attend and manage participation of management in events for the sector, government agencies, and regulatory bodies’ events in Sao Paulo, Rio, Brasilia, NYC and the UK.

This proposal covers two quarters in 2013, starting on April 15 through September 30, 2013. The consultant will be based at ideiasnet office in Sao Paulo. Fees for the period will be paid in advance monthly. Structure to be determined by contractual agreement between the parties, with costs for travel to the Rio office, per diem, and other related costs such as electronic devices, i.e. laptop for work, IPad, mobile phone and its recurring fees to be absorbed by ideiasnet.